News OM241 / OM261 Semi-permanent Outdoor Microphone

OM241 / OM261 Semi-permanent Outdoor Microphone

OM241/OM261 semi-permanent outdoor microphone is developed by BSWA Tech for outdoor noise monitor. The outdoor microphones have been specially designed to achieve the free-field frequency response in specified direction of incidence within the limits of IEC 61672-1. It's easy to remove the protection kit and calibrate with a sound calibrator. Each microphone is supplied with an individual calibration certificate that contains the actual sensitivity and free-field frequency response data for the complete set of outdoor microphones.

The frequency response of OM241 is optimized for 0° incidence, primarily for aircraft and airport noise measurement. The OM261 is optimized for 90° incidence, primarily for urban, traffic and industrial noise measurement.

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