News VSS210 Mid-High Frequency Volume Source

VSS210 Mid-High Frequency Volume Source

New VSS210 mid-high volume sound source is a new design based on the old models. The built-in microphone can monitoring the volume acceleration output, the sound tube can be separated from the sound source for transport, and sound tube change to thick rubber tube for much better sound insulation.

It can be used in noise transfer function (P/F) and acoustics transfer function (P/Q) reciprocity test, TPA analysis, acoustic excitation test such as sound insulation, sound absorption and SEA test.

VSS210 uses high-power speaker, high sound insulation tube can prevent sound leakage, the output head has built-in reference microphone for feedback volume acceleration output. The available frequency response range is 200Hz~10000Hz and the sound power level is 97dB (pink noise). User-friendly design, a variety of details is considered, convenient for professionals to use.

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